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China through international young filmmaker’s lenses at their fist glances at the culture.


Aiccc provides:

Round trip from participant’s home institute to the destination cities in China, economy class

Accommodation in destination cities, student dormitory

One-day tour to experience local culture

Local volunteers, acting as both interpreter and assistant producer

Basic facilities for shooting and editing

Daily expenses in destination cities, averagely between 100 and 200 RMB per day

Mobile phone chip with number and 50 RMB prepaid, for local communication

Program T-shirt



First time to China

Skilled in shooting, editing and producing short video

Respect to Chinese culture

English of working proficiency

Answering annual theme Charm, Ethnography, Culture

Film Studies or relevant majors preferred

Candidates with shooting facilities preferred

Contact, Dr Austin Jun Luo, luojun@bnu.edu.cn AICCC, Beijing Normal University, 19 Xinjiekou Wai Street, Haidian, Beijing, China 100875 | +8610 58805680


THEME: Charm, Ethnography, Culture
AW ARDS: Golden Lenses

Since 2014, Looking China started the Golden L enses awards for all the short films produced during the project, judged by three marking criterions : Best Cultural Discovery, Best Artistic Presentation and Best International Collaboration. !



A ten-minutes short film about the culture in the destination, with English&Chinese subtitles

A poster

A synopsis

A photo of the film maker

5 still captures from the film

5 behind-the-scenes photos during this project




Project Timeline

January 2016, Call for applications open

Ten weeks before, Candidate’s applications sent to AICCC

Eight weeks before, Participants, including teachers and students, confirmed by AICCC

Two weeks before, Confirmation of travel details

Day 1, Arrival, Meeting with Local Partners

Day 2, Opening ceremony

Day 3, Cultural tour, including the most important tourist attractions or cultural highlights in the destination cities

Day 4, Topic finalized, shooting test

Day 5 - 9, Shooting

Day 10 - 14, Post Production

Day 15, Internal Screening

Day 16, Modification, and Final Screening

Day 17, Departure

After the project in China, Screenings, Awards, festival entering and online promotion…

visit lookingchina.cn for more information, open in January 15th.


Guangxi Province----Guilin City----Guangxi Normal University(7th April---25th April)4 Vacancy


Hainan Province----Haikou City----Hainan University(7th April---25th April)Full


Yunnan Province----Kunming City----Yunnan University(15th April---2nd May)4 Vacancy


Zhejiang Province----Hangzhou City----Zhejiang University of Media and Communications(4th May---21st May)To be announced


Macau----University of Macau()To be announced


Xinjiang Province----Urumuqi City---- Xinjiang Normal University(1st June----20th June)To be announced


Gansu Province----Lanzhou City----Northwest Normal University(4th June----22nd June)To be announced


Fujian Province----Xiamen City----Xiamen University(20th June----8th July)To be announced


Sichuan Province----Chengdu City---- Sichuan University of Media and Communications(30th June---18th July) To be announced


Jinlin Province----Changchun City---- Jilin University(4th July----22nd July) To be announced


Guizhou Province----Guiyang City---- Guizhou University(6th July---24th July) To be announced


Shanxi Province----Xian City---- Northwest University(11th July---27th July) To be announced


Inner Mongolia---Erdos---- Inner Mongolia Normal University(11th July---27th July) To be announced


Beijing、Tianjin、Hebei Province----Beijing City----Beijing Normal University(11th July---27th July) To be announced

Please fill this form and send to lookingchina@bnu.edu.cn

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